Making a Master

I thought i'd share to the making of my 54mm Camel model!

Step 1. I make a blob of miliput and insert some wire limbs. Then dry the 'put.

Looking pretty good, eh? Almost finished really!

Step 2. Work some fresh miliput into the limbs. It's hard to work the 'put completely around a piece of wire in 1 "go", so I dry it off and come back to it. I added to the haunches and neck.

Step 3. I've added more to the limbs, hump and neck, and textured the "shaggy" areas.

Step 4. I've added a metal base (just a cast piece, drilled out to take the wire limb ends). Also done more work on haunches and the head.

Step 5. All finished. I textured the base and finished off the legs and head and added the feet. Filed down the legs and did a last sand paper finish.