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How to order :

 As this is not a shopping cart website, simply email a list of what you want (no need to use the order form), TELL US YOUR ADDRESS, and how you'd like to pay. We will work out a price, and email you the details.

To pay :

 We can send a paypal invoice if required.(if so,PLEASE GIVE US THE EMAIL ADDRESS LINKED TO YOUR ACCOUNT) Otherwise you can pay by card (please send in 2 emails) or cheque/PO.

 Our email address is   ian_kay@sky.com Or you can write to 41 Lesley Avenue,YorkYO10 4JR, or phone/text (07514 920039).

  All prices quoted are for unpainted castings. Postage is extra. Details of postage charges and the price codes are in the prices/ordering section below.

There is a 3% surcharge on paypal orders, and a 25p charge on debit card orders under 15.

Painting service :

If you would like painted figures, we have a painting service for 54, 42, 25, 20, 15, 10 and 6mm figures. To find the prices, click on the relevant scale.

All figures cast in white metal.

* 2mm & 6mm figures in ready based strips.
  * 10mm-75mm figures priced & sold individually.
 * Click on the links at the bottom of the screen to explore the catalogue.
* As our figures are sold separately, and there is no minimum order you only have to spend a pound or two to see what our models are like.  For this reason we don't send out free samples.
hanks to everyone who allowed their figures to be photographed for this website. Nik Harwood, Phil Ball, Francis Elyard, Julian Hammond, Tony Hughes,  Carl Luxford, Stephen Priest, Naser Rasool, John Reidy, Robbie Roddis, Peter Rowley, Andrew Taylor, Geoff Brown, David Kirk, Ed Meuller, J Duncan, Mats Gregor, Robin Garrity, Tim Peterson,  Brian Vernon-Rees, Antonio Palermo, Martyn Henderson,  Max Scirea,  Mike Raper, Marco Peterman, Joe Mays, Alan Cook, Andrew Thom, Stephen Montague, Marco Boetti,  Paul Fricker, Donald & Gaelyn Hauser & Matthew Hoff.

Thanks to Joseph Bell for initial website development,  Tim Peterson for his unstinting advice on improvements,  Steve Royen for continuing development,  and everyone who submitted photos.